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Since car insurance is calculated on the probability of certain events happening to certain people, it helps to know the type of risk profile you fit into and which insurance companies cater best to your profile.

Young Drivers Under 25

This driver profile group pays the highest premiums because statistically they are a higher risk due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Also in this group, male drivers generally, but not always, pay a higher premium (around $50 more annually) than female drivers.

The best way for young drivers under 25 to get cheap car insurance is to take out a multi vehicle policy with their parents or household, rather than independently applying for comprehensive car insurance (see Families with Young Drivers).

If this option is not feasible, young drivers can still find relatively cheap car insurance. Some insurance companies have positioned themselves in the market specifically to cater to drivers under 25, offering competitive deals that won't send young drivers broke.

If you have completed an advanced driving course or intend to complete one, make sure you ask your insurance company if they will offer a further discount. Some do, whilst others offer an advanced driving course as part of their policy.

For under 25 value we like: AAMI, CGU, CommInsure, ING, and Just Car Insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Drivers Aged 25-29

Drivers turning 25 reap rewards in the vicinity of $200 per annum just for reaching this milestone. With more experience behind the wheel and hopefully fewer mishaps, these drivers are well on their way to building their no claim discount. Although the gender gap is closing in this age bracket, some Insurance companies still do treat male and female drivers a little differently. If you're a male driver, shop around for an insurance company that doesn't discriminate too much. They do exist.

For 25-29 value we like: Allianz, Budget Direct, GIO, Ozicare and Real Insurance.

Drivers Aged 30-59

By the age of 30 the gender gap has been relegated to the past and we can all continue to ride the wave of cheap car insurance, providing that is, we choose the right insurance company.

For 30-59 value we like: Budget Direct, Cashback, CommInsure, Ozicare and Real Insurance.

Families with Young Drivers

This category of insurance, as mentioned in our discounts section, is where young people stand to gain the cheapest car insurance by taking out a multi vehicle insurance policy with their parents. The young driver excess will still apply if you are involved in an accident or if your car is stolen.

For young drivers who don't own their own car and who regularly drive the family car, parents can just phone their insurance company and have them listed on their policy. Generally this means if they drive the family car more than just on occasion. It's important to check this with your insurance company to make sure you're covered. If the young driver is involved in an accident then the young driver excess applies.

Learner Drivers usually are not required to be listed on their parents' insurance policy. The parents' policy should cover them in the event of an accident but the young driver excess would apply. Again check with your insurance company to make sure you're covered.

For Families with Young Drivers we like: AAMI, Budget Direct, Just Car Insurance, Ozicare and RAA (SA & Broken Hill only).

Drivers Aged over 60

Mature drivers are statistically the lowest risk group but for the most part pay similar insurance premiums as everyone else with the exception of young drivers. With many mature drivers moving into retirement, the motivation to find cheap car insurance has probably never been higher.

For over 60 value we like: Budget Direct, CommInsure, GIO, Ozicare, Real Insurance and Suncorp


Once you've obtained quotes from the insurance companies who offer the best deals appropriate to your driver profile, take the best quote, then go back to the others and see if they'll beat it. Remember you're comparing apples with apples here, so don't take a better price at the expense of important policy features.

At the end of the day you're the one in the driver's seat (so to speak). Insurance Companies want your business. Don't just hand it to them with a limp handshake. Make them work hard for it and the rewards will be yours. provides general information ONLY. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer
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